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Monday, August 1, 2011


Customers love the Starco Perma-Seal product. Questions and Answers about our product.

Q:  How long will it last      A:  3 Years
Q:  Is it UV resistant        A:  Yes
Q:  Will it adhere to any surface        A:  Yes
Q:  Will it fill a gap A:  Yes, up to 3/16”
Q:  How many coats are required        A:  2 will provide 8 ml.
Q:  How long does it take to dry       A:  10 min. @ 70°f
Q:  How long between coats       A:  4-5 min.
Q:  Does it have an odor        A:  No, once dried
Q:  Is it flammable        A:  Yes, extremely in spray form
Q:  Is it toxic       A:  See MSDS
Q:  Is it a Prop. 65     A:  Yes
Q:  Can it be applied over paint      A:  Yes, once paint is cured
Q:  Will it crack or peel        A:  No
Q:  Will it prevent rust and corrosion            A:  Yes
Q:  Can it be removed       A:  Yes with paint thinner
Q:  How much area will it cover         A:  Approx. 30 sq. ft. w/one coat
Q:  Can it be applied to electrical parts       A:  Yes, wait 1 hr after activating
Q:  Can it be applied to live connections        A:  No, wait 1 hr before power up
Q:  Is the product UL approved          A:  No, there is no standard
Q:  What is the shelf life          A:  3 years, guaranteed
Q:  Can it be applied to metal           A:  Yes
Q:  Can it be applied to wood          A:  Yes
Q:  Temperature range after applied        A:  -30° to 200°F

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