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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spray Adhesive for "Back to School"

It is that time of year once again "Back to School" supplies.  GluePlace can supply you with the right kind of spray adhesive.  Our spray adhesives work well on many surfaces. They are perfect for lightweight material application needs and are indeed a good choice for any school project. These multipurpose spray adhesives may be used for permanent and non-permanent bonds. These spray adhesives and super spray adhesives are the #185 and #1077, which are sold at $9.50 and $10.10 respectively.  Buying in bulk will save you a bundle on supplies.


  1. trying to find a flexible contact like cement for bonding light leather to an older sheepskin hide to create warm, lined sleepshoes. it either works or i've wasted a rare hide.Original, half-baked nonprofessional first try. only so much material, so either it works, or i by something from china for MiLady. help! 541-469-4648 any assistance will be deeply appreciated! THANKS IN ADVANCE!