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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gluing vinyl and leather to interior car panels.

I am gluing vinyl and leather to interior panels of my classic car, I have been using a spray adhesive from Lowes (3M high strength 90), and it is letting go of the materials after sitting in the sun. What glue would you recommend that I use for this application. I need a permanent bond that will hold even in concave and stretched areas with the these materials.

You are experiencing a phenomena called "plasticizer migration".  The vinyl contains plasticizers that make it soft and pliable.  As a result the plasticizers continue to "move around" and will not allow the adhesive to "set up.  If they didn't exist, the vinyl would be hard, similar to hard plastic.  If the vinyl you're using has a backing, sometimes called "knit backed" or "fuzzy backed", then our DAN TACK #2028 Super Contact Spray Adhesive should work fine and eliminate the problem.  If the vinyl is "raw" or without any backing, you will need to buy a good, solvent based, flammable contact cement for the application. The solvent and rubber (typically neoprene) are not affected by the plasticizers.  We offer a DAP product that is made specifically for this application.  It is sold in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.  It can be applied either by spraying, brushing or rolling it on.  Be certain to follow all recommended safety precautions when using a flammable adhesive.


  1. how do I find the dap product, & price, I need to glue vinyl to painted metal also.?

  2. Yap! It is a great idea of choosing adhesive glue and glue vinyl for making interior design of the car.

  3. In reading your article and diagnosing my own upholstery problems, I think I need some of that Dan Tack. I am not a car expert by any more. How secure is that Dan Tack? Nothing would be worse than moving around in the seat and that action peeling the seat apart.

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