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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Get Spray Adhesive Out of Clothing

Spray Adhesives mishaps, they happen.  Like any spray, there is a chance the adhesive may get into the skin, in the hair or all over your clothing. What to do when this the spray adhesives gets out of control, follow these steps.

1 Place the garment on a flat surface.
2. Place a piece of wrapping tape on the area with the adhesive.
3. Rub the tape with your finger. Press firmly to allow the the tape to stick to the adhesive.
4. Remove the tape in a single, fast motion. Repeat the process over all the affected areas.

The adhesive on the tape will remove the spray adhesive from the garment. If a little residue remains, take your finger and rub vigorously on the remaining adhesive.  The friction generated will remove the reemaining particles. Reapply the tape to finish the job.

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