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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spray Adhesive Works on Many Kinds of Surfaces

Spray adhesives offer the user the innate ability to bond myriad substrates to myriad surfaces. Some of these are wood, cloth, paper, metal, glass, foam, plastics. Almost anything. However, knowing what the adhesive WON’T do is probably as important as knowing what it will do. Certain spray adhesives will not bond certain types of foams, highly polished surfaces, assemblies that will be exposed to the elements like extremely high heat, cold, moisture, etc. However, there are aerosol adhesives available today, because of new technology that will allow these surfaces to become bondable. In addition, technology has improved to the point that there are now new, GREEN, spray adhesives products available. In particular, adhesives. They do not expel any ozone depleting solvents and/or gases. The adhesive itself is 100% water based and every component in the can, including the can and cap are 100% recyclable. Look for these products to become available this year.

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