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Thursday, February 3, 2011

V&S Spray Adhesive Brand

In 1986 Adhesive Solutions (at that time V&S Sales) recognized the need for  an affordable, workable aerosol adhesive.  One that would satisfy the needs of industry for bonding myriad substrates.  Understanding at the time, the only line of products available were those manufactured by 3M. Though these products were exceptional in their performance, they were also exceptionally high priced.

Several attempts were made to create similar products through local manufactures.  Our first attempt was very successful.  We duplicated the performance characteristics of 3M #74 Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive.  Knowing our products would not be easily accepted, let alone recognized, we offered them in a different size container.  This packaging concept helped reduce cost, therefore allowing us to offer a much better selling price to the customer.

Since that time our products have become, not only recognized, but readily accepted and most times preferred over those of the “name brand”. Our quality is beyond question.  Every product we offer comes with a “money back” guarantee.  Does our competition offer this guarantee?  We’re not sure, but we know that most times if it is offered, it certainly isn’t stated.  And when it is offered, returning the product requires you to “jump through hoops” to get your money back.

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