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Friday, December 10, 2010

Spray Adhesives for Case Manufacturers

If you’re a case manufacturer and not sure which type adhesive to use, here’s a tip:  Use a product that will protect your laminations against exposures to heat and cold.  DAN TACK #2028 Contact Spray Super Adhesive is just the product.  It offers high heat resistance (upwards of 250°F) and yet will maintain sufficient bond strength at very cold temperatures.  #2028 is easy to use.  It offers a “controlled lace” spray pattern that helps eliminate overspray which occurs with most other aerosol adhesives.  This spray pattern allows the user to see exactly where the adhesive is going and how much is being applied.  #2028 can be used for bonding myriad substrates, including ABS to plywood or particle board and foam to wood, etc.  Try it.  We think you’ll be impressed.


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